Read what other people have to say about our sauce!


“Lawd have mercy! I just got sauced for the first time! Do you mind if I tell everyone I know about “Get Sauced”?
          -Jimmy P.

“This sauce is SEXY!”
          -Wanda Evans

“I will always be your favorite food tester for anything with “Get Sauced”!”
          -Chad Walker

“Just had creamed potatoes, corn on the cob, cucumbers in vinegar, and chicken on the grill with “Get Sauced”!! It was all delicious!”
          -Paige Houston

“Everyone who has tried “Get Sauced” has absolutely loved it!”
          -Kendal B., Louisiana

“So I bought a jar of “Get Sauced”…Woohoo!”
          -Cindy C.

“I gave my sons a quart of “Get Sauced”. They loved it! Do you sell it by the gallon? They’re using it on everything, so I need lots more!”
          -Susan Gibble

“I had barbecue chicken the other night and of course I used “Get Sauced”. It is absolutely delicious! I will never be without it; it is always on my shopping list!”
          -Priscilla Weber

“WE are so excited to have “Get Sauced”!”

          -Christie Stone

“Great sauce!!  Used it on ribs…will be keeping some of this in my pantry from now on!!”
          -Denise Seagroves

“Cooked “Get Sauced” with a pork roast in the crock pot and it was delicious!”
– Pam Little

“Just gave a jar as a gift and kept one for myself.  They cannot keep it on the shelves!”
          -Theresa Byrd

“Get Sauced” is a huge success with my friends, coworkers and neighbors! You can “Get Sauced” with anything…”
          – Lelia S

“We all loved ‘Get Sauced’!”
          -Sherry Phillips

“I must say this is the best barbecue sauce I’ve ever tasted! I mean, honestly, what kind of sauce can you put on meat, fish, shrimp, vegetables, or French fries? Well, with this sauce you sure can! Everyone needs to try it!”
          -Robert Jordan

“Get Sauced is truly a multi-purpose sauce; it tastes great on meats, seafood, veggies, soups & stews, fries, even by itself. It’s slap-your-momma good!”
          -Donna B.

“This sauce is the best! Make sure you buy two at a time. You can use it on everything. What a wonderful job!”
          -Jeane Pope

“The innkeepers and our guests at our bed & breakfast, Simply Divine, love “Get Sauced”!”
          -Carmen Forrester

“YUM!!! “Get Sauced” was a HUGE hit at our super bowl party with barbecue pork nachos.”
          -Marnie Cohen

“Get Sauced will make you a really happy camper!”
          -Laura Chaney

“I love to cook on the grill. When I was introduced to “Get Sauced” I was amazed and immediately hooked. The combination of juicy, succulent meat with this sweet yet a little spicy BBQ sauce was utterly divine. I now cook with “Get Sauced” not only on chicken, pork, steak, and shrimp, but also in my mixed vegetables (stewed tomatoes, Italian green beans, corn & butterbeans) giving them a twist on flavor. Great job!”
          -Lynn Watkins

“Wow, this stuff is awesome! She’s going to be famous someday. Maybe she’ll get her own cooking show.”
          -Brooke Kesky referring to Alysa Walker, creator of “Get Sauced”

“Try this sauce – it’s Fantastic!”
          -Philip King, Sergeant at Arms, NC Senate